About Figure Skating

In Switzerland the children course with its four stages is the springboard for any further steps. During these courses children learn the basics of skating in different groups depending on the level. About twice a season all what the children have learnt will be tested during the so called Sternli tests, by three judges from the Skating Club. Upon successful completion, there is for each test (1 *, 2 *, 3 * and 4 *) an entry in the Children's Course ID and a pin.


The lessons are held by the club trainers and specially trained auxiliary trainers.


In agreement with the trainer or coach Private lessons can also be taken additionally to the course. It is recommended to do so no later than the 2 * test, if there is interest to pursue with figureskating as sport.


As a young figureskater you can start at any  time after the first Sternli Tests to train with your coach a free program whit a chosesn music, of diferent lengths depending on the skaters level, which includes jumps, pirouettes and steps.


After the star-tests it continues with the InterBronze test, followed by Bronze, Intersilber-, Silber, Intergold- and Gold test. As of the InterBronze tests requirements are exactly described by the SEV (Swiss Skating Union). Up to Bronze the tests can be performed on the own club's ice rink. As of Inter Silver the SEV organizes the tests throughout Switzerland.


As of InterSilber level, next to the free program (Kür) a short program (KP) is needed in order to start at all SM and SEV competitions.